These vintage photographs were
taken in Attala County, MS circa 1900 and depict various members
of the family founded by John and Elizabeth Frazier Hutchison.
The photo at left, above, shows the family of Thomas Foster (born c1851) and his wife, Mary Ann Hutchison (born 1849).  Their children left to right: Margie (born 1885), DeWitt (born 1888), Eugene (born 1882), Flora (born 1886), and Izzie Bell (born 1890).  The photo on the right, above, shows Thomas Britt (born 1840), his wife, Ozella Hutchison (born 1857), and two of their eight children--Thomas, Jr. (born 1892) and Bridget "Biddie" (born 1886). 

Both Mary Ann and Ozella were daughters of John and Elizabeth Frazier Hutchison who were among the earliest settlers of Attala County, MS.  Following its acquisition from the Choctaws in 1833, central MS was populated primarily by yeomen farmers like the Hutchisons. The photos below show the families of two of their sons.  The top photo is of Wiley Rufus Hutchison (born 1844) and his wife Margarette Ellington (born 1851), and their children, from left to right: John William (born 1878), George Rufus (born 1884), Frances (born 1874), Ella (born 1872), Mattie (in her mother's lap, born c1887), probably Leonidas (born c1879), probably Harvey (born 1880), and Tine (born 1882).  The bottom photo is of John Thomas Hutchison (born 1847), his wife, Juliette Blanding Massey (born 1849), and their children, from left to right, Clara Margaret (born 1884), John Jacob "Jake" (born 1879), Gussie Elizabeth (born 1872), Esterlee (in her father's lap, born in 1886), Louis Wilson (born 1876), Zack Wishard (in his mother's lap, born 1888), Juliette Blanding "Bee" (born 1877), Mary Ellen (born 1881), and Warren Redmond (born 1882).

In all, John and Elizabeth had ten children, nine of whom survived childhood, married, and among them had 83 children.  The third generation produced about 280 members while the next included over 1000 individuals.  Like other members of this latter generation, I am a great-great grandchild of this original couple.  Biographical details of  these generations are included in my book, "Yesterday:  The Descendants of John Hutchison and Elizabeth Frazier of Attala County, MS." Excerpts from the book can be seen online at

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