On December 15, 1805, David Weld married Hannah Foster.  He was born February 15, 1773 and she was born January 15, 1787.  The couple evidently had 15 children beginning with the birth of their first daughter, Maria, on December 16, 1806.  David was almost 80 when he died on January 18, 1853.
Hannah Weld was 78 when she died on June 14, 1865.

Although I am not related to this family, I somewhere came across this register and wanted to reproduce it for the benefit of any interested researchers.  I regret that I can not be precise about the origin of this information but I have accumulated items of genealogical interest at flea markets, garage sales, and similar venues over a period of many years and can not now be sure when and where this register was found. 

If any descendant of this couple should happen across this page, I'd appreciate it if they would contact me at ERHutchison@comcast.net.

Edward Hutchison
Jackson, MS