Unfortunately, the names of the teachers and some of their students shown above are not known.

In the top photo (1946) the students are thought to be:  Top row:  (left to right)  Roger Merriam, unk., David Stratton, possibly Ken Jerome, unk., Gorden Seas, unk., possibly Stanley Roades.  Middle row:  Jimmy Buff, Mary Alice Bohanon, Patty Cronk, Cyntha Greene, Diane Mesmer,  Maryalice Rich, Russell Brown, Bob Jolly.  Front row: unk., Jimmy Ashley, Bill Manning, Gary Ross, possibly Dexter Vosburg, Bill Ellithorpe, unk., Mark Farrell.

In the bottom photo (1947) the students are thought to be:  Top row:  (left to right)  Ken Jerome, Bill Ellithorpe, Gordon Sees, Stanley Rhoades, Sue Perry, unk., Bill Manning, Bob Jolly, Mark Farrell.  Middle row: unk., Patty Cronk, Sue Pope, Alice Mae Bohanan, Marsha Stratton, Maryalice Rich.  Front row:  Gary Ross, possibly Gary Cronk, John Crofoot, Russell Brown.

The old school, built in 1875, is no longer used as a school but is still standing.  During the period shown in these photos the school was partitioned into two rooms, and first and second grades were combined in one classroom, while third and fourth grades met in the other room.  Each of these photos is thought to show an individual classroom with children who were in two grades.

Special thanks is due Bob Jolly for providing these photographs.  Anyone who can supply info about any of those depicted is asked to EMAIL ME BY CLICKING HERE

Edward Hutchison

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