Members of the faculty during the early years at
Jamesville-DeWitt High School, DeWitt, NY
(1955 through 1964)

Reginald Adams--lives in Manlius, NY--tele: 315-682-6942
Dollie Armstrong--residing in Seattle, WA
Judith Aubeuf Corsica--lives in Boynton Beach, FL--tele: 561-739-5309
Rieta Balmer--lived in Syracuse, NY before her death on 1-8-2001
Lansing Baker--retired Vice-Chancellor of Syracuse University, living in Jamesville, NY--tele: 315-469-0715
Edward Battaglia--choral director in Ft. Myers Beach, FL--tele: 239-985-1000
Joseph Belmonte--taught history in 1962-3
Ronald Benwell--died 5-3-1964, in a car accident
Frank A. Bishop, Jr., assistant district superintendent--lived in Jamesville, NY at his death on 3-22-1975
Carl Bjork--lives in Manlius, NY--tele: 315-663-6264
Wallace Blanchard--died on 11-6-1959, following a car accident
John C. Bortz--was the first employee of the J-D school district--lived in Lyndon at his death on 3-10-1965
Anna Boserup Rush Zado--lives in Palm Beach, FL
Jacqueline Knoll Braker--probably living in Walnut Creek, CA--tele: 925-937-4156
George Breen--set six world records and won four Olympic swimming medals, lives in Ridley Park, PA--tele: 610-521-5453
Helen Brown Zych--resided in Manlius, NY, at her death on 11-24-2004
John G. Burdick--died in New Paltz, NY, on 5-29-2004
Betty Burlingame--possibly residing in Las Vegas, NV
Patricia Burton
John Butler
Ida Marilyn Beemus Buzzard--former professor of nutrition, lives in Richmond, VA
Jon R. Buzzard--living in Richmond, VA--tele: 804-353-3236
Elizabeth S. Byars--lives in Fairhope, AL--tele: 251-990-6047
Arline Caglia--now known as Arline Collier and living in Canastota, NY
Joan Canning--possibly residing in Apoka, FL
Patricia Cardinali Guarrera--was math instructor at SUNY-Oswego, and lived in Fulton, NY
Mary Cargian--resides in Jamesville, NY
Alice M. Carney--is believed to have died in CT on 3-18-2006
Margaret Carpenter--deceased--DOD 11-1-2001
Margaret Caswell--believed living in Waterloo, NY
Louise Chamberlin--deceased--DOD 3-27-1975
Robert Chengerian--thought to be living in Lysander, NY, and operating a tree business
Eleanor Christman Heinemann--lived in Freeville, NY, prior to her death on 8-14-2005
Wilhemina Clark--resided in Michigan at her death on 1-2-1997
Jean Clausen
S. Todd Cornell--lives in Manlius, NY--tele: 315-682-9438
Helen Bennett Cowan--supervisor with the Onondaga County Social Services-Children's Division, died 12-16-2006
George B. Cruden--commercial chrysanthemum grower and college administrator, died in Bend, OR on 4-1-2008, at age 92
John E. Curtin--deceased--DOD: 3-3-1979
Robert B. Daley--lives in Manlius, NY--tele: 315-682-5616
Alea DeJung--lives in Honolulu, HI
Elizabeth Dennington--resides in Port Richey, FL--tele: 727-868-8310
Marilyn DeSanta DeLorenzo--widowed, retired from SUNY Cortland and living in Cortland, NY
Charlotte Dewey--deceased--DOD 11-20-1968
Ward Edinger--deceased--DOD 3-18-1969
Eleanor Elwyn--lives in Honolulu, HI--tele: 808-946-7541
Harold Fairchild--residing in El Paso, TX--tele: 915-591-2445
Verna Fancett--resided in Fayetteville, NY at her death on 1-27-1991
Irene Farnsworth--was 90 and residing in Syracuse at her death on 10-11-1999
Cathleen Fennell Batt--living now in Buffalo, NY
William Fitzpatrick--lives in DeWitt, NY--tele: 315-446-2551
Helen Marie Fogarty O'Connell
Richard Frost
Anita Gancarz Bolowsky--lives now in Vero Beach, FL--tele: 772-569-2133
Olcott Gardner--deceased--DOD: 10-29-1981
Margaret Grace Gehrig--lived primarily in Jamesville, and was 91 years old at her death on 1-29-1999
Gilda Sposato Geiss--lived in NY but died in Burnsville, NC on 2-21-1997
Marie Therese Godwin--died in Lee, MA on 1-18-2004
James C. Harriger--deceased--DOD: 10-9-1973
Reed Hawke--lives in DeWitt, NY--tele: 315-446-5899
Hugh Hill--lived in Liverpool, NY, before his death on 12-24-1991
Roderick Hilsinger--noted for his heroism aboard a highjacked airliner in 1973--deceased--DOD: 12-29-2000
James Hogue--living in Hermon, NY, and Leesburg, FL--tele: 352-365-1468
Marcia Howard
Jayne Hubbell--thought to be living in Ft. Wayne, IN
John Humphries
Elizabeth Jasper Burlew--pastor of the Cazenovia United Methodist Church, lives in Manlius, NY--tele:  315-682-9058
Elaine Johnson--resided in Rochester before her death at age 96 on 11-10-2004
Paul Keebler--formerly lived in Rome, NY
Jane Keefe Worden--lived in Hamden, CT, before her death on 9-10-2003
Anne Kempers--was Peace Corp volunteer in Africa before her death in Kinnebec, ME on 1-19-1995
Roberta Kier--lived in DeWitt before her death on 6-11-2004
Clifford Knapp--deceased-DOD: 3-19-1983
Ruth Eddy Konz--lives in Ormond Beach, FL--tele: 904-673-9813
-Martin Laforce--resided in Kingston, NY, at his death in 2007
Joseph LaRocca--thought to be living in FL
Rose Marie Laster--a real estate agent living in NYC, NY
Alice O'Neill Lewis, lived in E. Syracuse, NY, at her death on 3-13-2005
Richard Albert Lewis--lived in the Iroquois facility in Jamesville, NY, at his death on 2-3-2011
Walter Lipfert--psychotherapist and PT teacher in Auburn, NY, at his death on 7-2-2008
Elneda B. Lovell--deceased--DOD 8-20-1981
John Lunievicz--probably died in Utica, NY in June, 1979
Ramona Manke Davis--administrator at the Univ. of California, Berkeley, lives in Moanga, CA
David Marsh
Marilyn Mawson Lyman--resides in Syracuse, NY
Fred Maziarz--lived in Jamesville, NY before his death on 1-31-2001
Phil and Jean McAdam--lived in Queensbury, NY, but are now in FL
James P. McCormack
Richard McGee--sold real estate in CNY before his death on 3-1-2001
Herbert McGough--lived in Smyrna, NY, prior to his death on 4-21-1992
Jane Mead
Joyce Meagher Kenney--lives in Camillus, NY--tele: 315-468-0415
Henrietta Merel--lives in DeWitt, NY
Maria Miera O'Malley--lived in Jamesville, NY before her death on 1-8-2002
Eloise Morgan--residing in Cazenovia, NY at her death on 11-12-2000
James Mosher--retired from OCC and living in DeWitt at the time of his death on 4-20-2004
Marla Moss
Thomas Muench--lives in CNY
Gina Murano--lived in DeWitt, NY before her death on 10-3-2003
Hilah Newton--retired as scheduling coordinator at Loretto Geriatric Center, lived in Syracuse at her death on 9-1-8-1984
Dawn Nolan
Florence Nolte--lives in Syracuse, NY
Ronald D. Nuzzo--band director at J-D, lives in Manlius, NY--tele:  315-682-8643
Helen O'Connell--resides in Fayetteville, NY
Margaret A. O'Connor--believed to be residing in Elmira, NY
Roberta O'Rourke--possibly living in Camden, NY
Ronald Osborn--living in Jamesville, NY and teaching at Lemoyne College--tele: 315-492-2129
Bettina Palma-lives in Rochester, NY
Susan Paul--deceased--DOD: 8-26-1980
Edith Mae Peck--lived in East Syracuse, NY prior to her death on 1-1-1992
Linda Predmore Sorrell--first alum to return to J-D as a teacher--lives now in Bergenfield, NJ
Sheldon Pyke--resides in Liverpool, NY
Alice Randall--living in DeWitt, NY--tele: 315-446-1359
Harold J. Rankin--became president of Utica College, and is believed to reside in Boynton Beach, FL
Edgar Read--lives in Niskayuna, NY
Bertha P. Reed--lives in Manlius, NY
Stanley J. Reeves--lives in DeWitt, NY--tele: 315-446-1097
Philip "Phip" Resch--lives in DeWitt, NY--tele: 315-449-2400
Arthur Ring--living in Campbell, CA--tele: 408-378-3510
Dorothy Rivers Shoudy--lived in DeWitt, NY, and taught Spanish part time at Syracuse University at her death on 6-14-2008
Margaret Rogers
Felicia F. Romeo--psychology professor at Florida Atlantic University, lives in Boca Raton, FL--tele:  561-483-6121
Alvin Rubin--resides in Delray Beach, FL
Sheila Ryan Gill--lives in Penfield, NY--tele: 585-381-9326
Gordon F. Santee--living in Easton, PA--tele:  610-253-3687
Daniel Savino--lives in Ft. Myers, FL, and spends summers in CNY--tele: 239-985-0757 and 315-476-6132
Mary Schoendorf Stewart--lives in Fayetteville and teaches in Cazenovia, NY--tele: 315-637-9248
Edward J. Schulman--deceased, date unknown
Daniel Seaman--lives in Leesburg, FL
Adelpha C. Seymour--lived in Cortland, NY before her death on 2-11-1994
Lana Shearer Zimmerman--wed Robert Zimmerman, and lives in Nassau, NY--tele:  518-766-3377
Daisy Short--deceased--DOD: 8-20-1973
Beatrice Silverman Jahn--was a world traveler but lived in Syracuse, NY at her death on 5-1-1996
Judy Ann Sitterlee Kurtz--lives in Bradenton, FL--tele:  941-795-8281  
Charles F. Sixour--lives in North Carolina--tele:  919-552-3082
Eugene Slagle--lives in Syracuse, NY
Lindsay G. Smith--deceased--DOD:  12-14-1980
Woodrow Snyder--lived in Louisville, KY prior to his death on 10-4-2002
Virginia Sparrow--deceased--DOD: circa 1989
Anne Sperry Roy--lives in Ormond Beach, FL, and is active in church work--tele: 386-672-2910
Susanne Stannett--lives in Raleigh, NC
Sharon Stearns McGrath--lives in Marietta, GA--tele:  770-578-9544
Nicholas Sterling--retired math professor at SUNY, lives in Vestal, NY--tele: 607-777-4024
Lucinda (Cindy) Strasenburgh--symphony violinist living in Loudonville, NY--tele: 518-459-6846
Carole Sullivan
James W. Tobin
Terry Towne Harran--practiced law in CT at her death on 9-12-1989
Robert Trenga--lives in Manlius, NY--tele: 315-682-4580
Eleanor Troxell Matthews Johnson--lives in DeWitt, and taught history at J-D until recently--tele: 315-446-5007
Paul Umberger--deceased--DOD: 6-5-1998
Harold Vann--resides in Suffern, NY--tele: 914-357-3267
Robert Vermilya--resided in Manlius before his death on 1-16-1997
Lois Volotta--thought to be residing in East Sandwich, MA
Robert Wall--resided in Liverpool, NY before his death on 12-12-87
Helen Van Aller Walters--moved to the Jewish Home in 1984, and died there on 9-27-1991
Carol Warren
Esther Warren
Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Daley Weibezahl--resided on Lyndon Rd. in Lyndon, NY, before her death on 11-20-2010
Harold "Hal" Weibezahl--lived in Lodi Point, NY before his death on 2-28-1994
Louis Williams
Ronald M. Wolk--lives in Jamesville, NY--tele:  315-445-0876
Jane Zielinski--possibly resides in Webster, NY
Robert Zimmerman--retired from the State Education Department and lives in Nassau, NY

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The song playing in the background, "The Vacant Chair," is offered in remembrance of those students and faculty members for whom any reunion must now come too late.


We shall meet, but we shall miss him
There will be one vacant chair
We shall linger to caress him
While we breathe our evening prayer.
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This page has been created by Edward Hutchison of Madson, MS (J-D '59) who cordially invites your comments, corrections, and additions.
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Like most kids, I labored under the delusion that my teachers were all very ancient.  When I undertook the preparation of this faculty list and began researching various sources, I was surprised to find that many of my teachers at J-D were only a few years older than their charges.  But if there was not much of an age gap, a very great social gap existed between students and teachers.  An example of the formality typical of those times is that I probably could not have told you the first names of most of my teachers.  I suppose that, like my chums, I just assumed that teachers fell from the heavens, fully grown, looking stern and scholarly.  The idea that they had first names, were once kids, or had any kind of social existence would have shocked me. Well, I now know better, and as I have tracked down my old tutors, I have found them eager to relive the good old days at J-D and to share their memories and experiences, and for that I remain very grateful.
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