This photo was taken during a 1955 Youth Fellowship trip sponsored by the DeWitt Community Church, DeWitt, NY. The participants are shown seated on a boat at Eighth Lake in the Adirondacks.  From left to right, front row, Ina Bardwell and Harris Sullivan, second row, Bruce Rayner, Diana Jordan Edwards, and Diane Mesmer, third row, Kenneth Reinhardt, John Hutchison, (probably) Helen Logan Welch, and Norma Bremner, fourth row, William Myers, Jack Gifford, and two or three unknown females facing the rear (probably chaperones), last row, Melvin Holm, Jr., Raymond "Gary" Truax, Peter Chamberlin, Carol Chamberlin Myers, Marilyn Salisbury Heebink, the late Mary Traynor Salmond, Sharon Montague Thiemann, Sandra Beemer Spiegel, and Rev. Robert Bolton, Advisor to the Youth Fellowship.  Most of the young people shown here were students at Jamesville-DeWitt High School in DeWitt, NY, and current information about them can be found at
Jamesville-DeWitt High School Alumni Update.
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